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Personalized pairing, guided onboarding

Our sophisticated onboarding process will pair you with an assistant you're sure to love, and we'll help guide the way to VA success.

Getting Started

Follow these 7 easy steps and you’ll be up and running in no time:

What kind of tasks should you give your VA?

Below are just a few examples of tasks that your executive assistant can help you with:

  • Process creation and testing

  • Project management

  • Client management

  • Staffing and recruitment

  • CRM support

  • Pitch deck/presentation help

  • Social media management

  • Calendar and Email management

  • Lead generation

  • Call monitoring

  • Custom research

  • Business travel planning and booking

  • AI Integration and Consult 

  • And much more!

  • Restaurant recommendations

  • Gift buying

  • Travel concierge

  • Personal shopping & Styling

  • Event planning

  • Scheduling and appointment bookings

  • And much more!

Learn how a VA can help you!

  • Where is Eugenia & Co,LLC located?
    Our headquarters are in Fayetteville,NC and our team of dedicated assistants is located throughout the US. A portion of our amazing back-up assistant team is located in the Philippines.
  • Do I get a dedicated assistant?
    Yes! Your dedicated assistant is a high performing assistant who will integrate into your business and become a true member of your team. In addition to that, you will also get access to a dedicated back-up assistant. This second assistant is also a part of your team and will be responsible for supporting your workload, as well as providing coverage in case your dedicated assistant is sick or is away.
  • Does Eugenia & Co, LLC offer more than just dedicated assistant support?
    Our support network is here for any additional specialized and project-based needs. You may see a full list of our specialists here. You will also get access to our suite of over 200+ assistants for additional support or if you want to grow your team.
  • What is the process to be paired with my assistant?
    Eugenia & Co, LLC has two options for pairings: standard and advanced. If you select our standard pairing, you will be paired with your assistant based on an onboarding strategy session to identify your needs, availability, time zone, skillset, software required as well as industry experience. If you select our advanced pairing, we take things a step further. While we will consider all parameters listed in the standard pairing, we will also share a detailed character assessment with you. It is the same assessment we use when hiring our assistants. Using our proprietary pairing model, we will match you to an assistant based on cognitive ability, motivation, and personality. This option includes an interpretation session with our founder to coach you and your assistant on the best ways to work together based on your unique characteristics.
  • How long does it take to be paired?
    Eugenia & Co, LLC takes pairings very seriously as it is our goal to find each client and assistant their best match. With this in mind, we never want to rush the process, so we allow up to 5 business days to collect all of the information shared in the onboarding, outline the roadmap, and identify the best fit. If it is a small business or personal project or editing, we can pair someone within an hour.
  • When are assistants available?
    Eugenia & Co, LLC dedicated assistants are set their own availability. If there is a specific need for time zone or availability, please let us know during your onboarding call to ensure we identify the best fit assistant who can meet your availability needs. Your assistant’s availability is listed in their profile once your pairing is complete.
  • I need help ASAP, what do I do?
    Give us a call 919-701-3144 and we can help and get you the help you need normally within the hour if it is virtual.
  • How much does a virtual assistant cost?
    Our packages start @ $27.00 an hour! They are reasonable and definitely worth the time you will save.
  • I want an assistant on-site, do you provide that too?
    We do! We currently have locations in Atlanta,GA, Greensboro,NC , Raleigh,NC and Fayetteville, NC
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