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Who We Are 

It's always personal! 

Eugenia & Co, LLC is a boutique agency focused on delivering and executing all your business, lifestyle and private assistant needs. With an executive team experienced in household management, relocation, staffing, and personalized services and business. Eugenia & Co, LLC handles all staffing types beyond the home and includes office personnel placements, including Personal, Executive, and Administrative Assistants, plus Office Managers, Photographers, Drone Operators and Environment and Safety Engineers.

Our Story

Eugenia & Co  was founded in 1999 by three inspirational women who while working in careers in HR, determined the need for personal and virtual assistants for employees AND business owners. After working in the productivity space for 22+ years, Eugenia & Co's founders had become fixated on finding better ways for people to work together and to be the rock stars in their respective workplaces. The best way forward? Adding the human element to productivity tools in real time! 

Why the name Eugenia & Co? Eugenia is the founder's grandmother and Maria and Charlotte's great grandmother. She came to the US from Panama and paved the way for her family to become entrepreneurs. We pay homage to her by providing the best customer service and offering bilingual services and opportunities. 

Meet The Team

Our Locations

                              Currently, We are located in two states and four cities:



                        Atlanta, Ga, Greensboro, NC, Raleigh, NC, Fayetteville, NC 

Our services include virtual assistants and in-person assistants as well if you are near one of our locations. 

Our Business Clients

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