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Eugenia & Co

Elevate Your Lifestyle and Productivity


Eugenia & Co maintains a group of qualified part-time and full-time assistants throughout the country. We know who they are, what they do best, and how they support other hourly clients because we work with them over the long term. Most are graduates of top US colleges; some have experience with celebrities and socialites. We only use assistants that we genuinely like, since it is our belief that in this role personality is as important as skill set.

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A Note To Clients

Being here for you is our top priority. Whether it is in your home or your office, or remotely we know that really understanding your needs and goals is of utmost importance, when finding your perfect match. We are always accessible and here to make ourselves available at all times. We aim to make the transition as seamless as possible.

We have a great screening process and every potential candidate will meet with one of the Partners of Eugenia & Co, LLC. We do not hire assistants to do our job! We know it seems ironic but we take a lot of pride in who we sign off on and who makes it into our candidate pool. Our process involves an in-depth meeting, reference checks and background checks which include; social security, criminal and driving records. We are known for our ability to provide quality candidates while not wasting our client’s time sending over sub-par candidates. No stone is left unturned when searching for your perfect match.


We are here to service you and ensure that your staffing experience is enjoyable, efficient and above all successful!

A Note To Candidates

We are known for matching candidates up with their dream job! Let us help you find that career path you are trying to get on. We place people in jobs in the office, remotely as well as the household. Whether you are looking to assist someone in their business, remotely or in their home we are here to help guide you into that ideal role.

We know that finding the right position can be a trying process and our hope is to help introduce you to your next boss. At Eugenia & Co, LLC, the applicant is just as important as the client. All applicants are treated with the same respect and individualized attention. Knowing what an applicant would like from their next position is the key element to finding the right job.


Allow us to help you with your next job search. We will manage all areas of the process by making introductions, scheduling your meetings, checking all references and negotiating all compensation and perks. We are here for you and we want to help!

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